2022 Design Trends for Homes

One of the greatest things about entering a new year is to reinvent various aspects of your life. While that sounds dramatic, it doesn’t necessarily have to be! You could take up a cooking class. Join a jogging club. Start a book club. No matter your goals, a new year invigorates us to try new things. If you have been thinking about adding new design elements to your home, then you are in the right place! We will discuss 2022 design trends for homes to get you inspired for the upcoming year. Read on to discover our favorite trends!

Trend 1: Saving Energy

While we label energy saving as a 2022 design trend, it is more than a trend, it's a lifestyle! Saving energy should be an effort that always stays in style, which is why Hunter Douglas has a cellular shade that keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter without driving your energy bills. Additionally, the hexagonal construction of the shades traps air to prevent outside air from coming in and inside air from seeping out. This is especially helpful for rooms in your home that tend to get drafty in the winter and stifling in the summer, even with the AC or thermostat cranked. Since up to 30 percent of our home’s energy is lost through poorly insulated windows, Duette® Honeycomb Shades are worth every penny. Duette® Honeycomb Shades also come in a variety of stunning colors and styles to help you create the perfect look in each room.

Trend 2: Reuse Beloved Pieces

We all have that piece of décor, furniture, or lighting that we are not ready to give up quite yet. However, it might look a little worse for wear after many years. That is why one of our 2022 design trends is reusing beloved pieces and repurposing them into something amazing. This trend is not only budget-friendly, but it gives you a fun project to look forward to if you are the DIY type. Another perk? No waiting for the supply chain to snap back in shape! After all, who has time to wait six months for a couch? Whether you choose to add a glaze to your favorite wooden coffee table, get your favorite chair reupholstered, or paint your cabinets a fun color, repurposing your favorite pieces is a fun way to ring in the upcoming year.

Trend 3: Embracing Glass Designs

Ready to be bold this new year? Then you will love our next 2022 design trend. Adding glass fixtures to your home allows you to embrace an edgy look that never goes out of style or makes your home feel cramped, thanks to its transparent look. This is an excellent element to incorporate into any home from glass light fixtures to glass tables.


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