Adding Woven Wood Shades to Homes

Adding Woven Wood Shades to Homes Near Washington, D.C. like  Hunter Douglas Options for Living Rooms

Adding an Organic Feel

There is nothing quite as peaceful as the outdoors. From tall grass swaying in the wind to beautiful trees towering overhead, the thought of spending all of our time outside is quite appealing! However, living in a treehouse might not be the most practical decision. Fortunately, you can bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with the Hunter Douglas Woven Woods collection. Made from natural reeds, woods, bamboo, and grasses, the Provenance®️ Woven Wood Shades provide an organic look to any space.

Choose from textured fabrics for a truly unique look, or choose from lighter fabrics that brighten up a room. You can even select from a variety of opacities to achieve your optimal levels of light and privacy. The darker the opacity, the less light will come through. That makes darker opacity shades perfect for bedrooms and media rooms. On the flip side, lighter opacities will welcome more light in, making them perfect for sunrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. No matter your light preferences or design goals, adding woven wood shades to homes is a great way to add an organic touch to any space.

Adding Design-Forward Styles

Adding woven wood shades to homes also means you are adding some seriously gorgeous fabrics to the mix. Each element of the Woven Woods collection is inspired by design-forward styles, especially when it comes to the Hunter Douglas Alustra®️ Woven Textures®️ Collection. Featuring beautiful fabrics that are sourced from all over the globe, these shades are guaranteed to give your space a one-of-a-kind look. You even have the option to choose from popular styles like Roller Shades, Roman Shades, and the Hunter Douglas Skyline®️ Gliding Window Panels to make this collection truly your own.

In addition to looking great, the Alustra®️ Woven Textures®️ collection offers excellent light control. With its unique combination of fibers, Alustra®️ provides a luxe alternative to traditional woven woods and solar screens. This means light will be gorgeously filtered into your home to further enhance the stunning look of these shades and your home. The independent liner option also allows homes to enjoy a two-in-one benefit that provides total light control and privacy at any time of day. This makes adding woven wood shades to homes that much sweeter.


We may not be able to live in a treehouse to enjoy nature 24/7, but we can bring a little taste of our favorite outdoor elements with the organic styles of the Provenance®️ Woven Wood Shades collection or the fashion-forward styles seen in the Alustra®️ Woven Textures®️ Collection. No matter your style, adding woven wood shades to homes is always a wonderful choice when it comes to interior design. To learn more about woven wood shades or to purchase your very own, be sure to visit or contact us at Monarch Paint & Decorating Centers today!

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