Blackout Shades Make Bedrooms Comfortable

Blackout Shades in Washington, D.C. (DC) Homes.

In this article, Monarch Paint & Design Centers – offering several convenient locations across the greater Washington, D.C. area – are here to provide you with information on the ways blackout shades can make your bedroom more comfortable, so you can decide whether they are right for your home.

While it can be nice to enjoy hot, sunny weather when you’re outside, there are certainly times when you want to keep the sun and the heat out, and the enjoy the cool inside. The bedroom is often where cool temperatures is valued the most since a hot room can make sleep difficult. Sure, air conditioning can provide some relief from the heat in your bedroom, but you’ll likely see cost of your energy bill skyrocketing if it’s all you rely on. A smarter way to approach this problem is to invest in blackout shades from Hunter Douglas.

Blackout shades, while not able to block out all light on their own, can significantly darken your rooms. Not only will this keep your rooms cooler, but it will also help you sleep a little easier at night. Even a little light can disrupt your sleep schedule, so it’s important to keep your bedroom as dark as possible at night.

The Duette® Honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas work excellently to block sun and keep your bedroom cool. With three dimensional hexagonal cells of fabric these shades can trap the hot air from the windows and prevent it from radiating into your bedroom. The different opacity choices give you many different options from sheer fabrics to blackout shades.

Great lengths are taken to ensure the Parkland® Wood Blinds block as much sunlight as possible. The de-Light™ feature hides cord holes to prevent light from slipping through even the smallest routes. The hardwood on these blackout shades also looks beautiful. With many color options available, you can show off the natural wood, or choose exactly the right color for your bedroom. The sun-blocking properties also give you as much privacy in your bedroom as possible. The EverWood® Alternative Blinds work just as effectively for blackout shades. EverWood® Blinds are guaranteed to never warp or break from heat or humidity thanks to specially designed modern materials.

Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds work excellently as blackout shades, while giving your bedroom a sleek and modern look. Add extra style to your bedroom by choosing the color that’s just right for you from our vast color options. These blackout shades also feature the de-Light™ cord hole hiding system.

The Vignette® Modern Roman Shade adds beauty and softness to your bedroom, while working effectively as blackout shades. These shades use drapery-like folds of fabric to effectively block light and keep your bedroom darker. You can further control the sunlight entering your bedroom with the wide range of opacity levels and fabrics to choose from.

Stop by your local Monarch Paint & Design Center, found in and around the Washington, D.C. area, including Alexandria, VA and Waldorf, MD and serving the Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, and Northwest D.C. areas, to see our amazing selection of blackout shades from Hunter Douglas that can help keep your bedroom comfortable all year long.