Color Consultations for Paint Projects

Color Consultations for Paint Projects in Homes and Offices in Washington, DC with Information on Trends

In this article, Monarch Paint & Design Centers – with convenient locations all across the greater Washington, D.C. area – are here to provide you with information on color consultations for paint projects, so you can see how they can help you plan the design of your home.

Painting your home is a laborious task, but also a task that can lead to an immediate boost in style and appeal. Because paint does make such a strong impression throughout your home, it is important to ensure that the color you are painting truly matches your home’s style. Paint color trends tend to change quite frequently, and many of these trends do not work with all types of home décor. Rather than play the paint guessing game, which can be expensive and time consuming, allow the experts at Monarch Paint & Design Centers to show you your best paint options before you get painting. Let Monarch Paint & Design Centers, serving the greater Washington DC area, show you why you should get a color consultation before your next paint project.

Color and impact

Colors have a huge impact on not only the feel of your home décor, but also in terms of the impact they have on people. While nonprofessionals may understand the basics of color theory and interior design, professionals are able to explain and translate those ideas into useable information that will help with your color selection. For example, if you know that you want to keep your home painted in a way that feels bright and welcoming, consultants can tell you how specific colors will work with your home’s lighting and décor to ensure that you are able to capture that feeling fully. Colors have a huge impact on aesthetics and atmosphere, and color consultants can help you find the best choice for every style.

Knowledgeable Information

Color consultations also allow you to get a better understanding of why certain colors work and don’t work in your home. Because many home owners are inspired by fashionable trends that are seen online or on television, they may rush into color selection to follow those trends exactly. This is usually where a problem arises. All homes are not made alike, and the lighting, natural lighting, and size of your home will have on impact on the paint color, paint shades, and paint tones you should be using. There is a reason paint comes in so many similar colors; even the slightest change in undertone or finish can make or break a design


Because color consultants are knowledgeable on all factors that go into picking the right paint color, you will save yourself time and money on your paint project by utilizing their expertise. Don’t follow the frustrating process of choosing a paint color based on a swatch, painting your home, realizing the paint color is not what you planned, and then starting over again at step one. Color consultation will eliminate this guesswork and potential need for repainting. Unlike nonprofessionals, color experts know how color will work in a room when the paint has fully dried. Avoid the frustration and expense of having to repaint your home multiple times to find the perfect match by working with a color consultant first.

If you are looking to repaint your entire home or even a single room, the experts at Monarch Paint & Design Centers can help. Featuring six locations across the greater Washington DC area, the color professionals at Monarch Paint & Design Centers will change the way you think about painting your home with our color consultations. Contact us today for more information.