Home Options for Custom Roman Shades

Home Options for Custom Roman Shades Near Bethesda, Maryland (MD) like Solera Soft for Living Rooms

Roman shades are a great choice when you are looking for new window treatments for your home. There are so many options for customizing and you will love how they look in your home. This guide will tell you all about all of the different home options for roman shades near Bethesda, Maryland. Read on to learn more!

The first option for roman shades that we have to offer is the Vignette® Modern Roman Shades. These shades feature an uncluttered, traditional style look with a modern twist. The offer a clean look due to their lack of exposed cords, which, not only improves the aesthetics of your window shades, but also improves child safety in your home, since cords can put children and pets at risk of choking if they were to get caught up in them. Never again will you have to be worried about your window treatments putting your children or pets at risk. Additionally, you can choose from two different styles for these shades, the rolling style and the stacking style.

The second option is the Solera® Soft Shade. These shades feature a unique combination of a traditional roman shade and a functional cellular shade, resulting in a beautiful shade that also improves your home’s energy-efficiency. Essentially, the cells of these shades trap air, warm or cold, which insulates your home and prevents your heating and cooling energy from escaping, keeping your home comfortable all year long without the worry of your energy bills skyrocketing. Now, who wouldn’t want that? Stylish window treatments that keep my energy bills down? Sign me up!

Last, but not least, we offer our Design Studio™ Roman Shades. These traditional-style roman shades feature all the great features of what you’d normally picture when you think roman shades, but, also, they come in so many different options for you to customize them with. You can choose from over 250 incredibly beautiful fabrics, ranging from neutral to bold and sheer to opaque. No matter what you are looking for, these shades can be customized to fit the needs of you, your family, and your home.

Each of our incredible roman shade options come in numerous possibilities for customization. From fabrics and colors to operating systems and styles, there is something for everyone. You will absolutely adore the timeless style they provide to your home.

Here, at Monarch Paint and Design Center, we offer much more than just paint. We offer a wide variety of beautiful custom window treatments, as well. We have several design center locations in and around the Washington, D.C. area, including Alexandria, Virginia. From all of these locations, we are able to proudly serve the Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, and Northwest D.C. areas. Our showrooms offer lots of samples for you to browse, touch, and even operate. Visit our showroom and let our incredible designers help you find the perfect window treatments for your home. We will be by your side, answering any questions you may have throughout your purchase and customization process. Give us a call today or stop by to get started!