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The Importance of Durable Paint

With your hands proudly on your hips, paint roller tucked away for the last time, you take in your latest accomplishment: painting the walls in your home. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Then, a new thought begins to form. How long will this paint last before you must do it all over again?

For rooms that see a lot of traffic, this timeline might be shorter than one would hope. Fortunately, Benjamin Moore carries a line of paint that is made to withstand the traffic that comes with popular rooms like kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Read on to learn more about why Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint is one of the best paint options for high-traffic rooms below!

Color Lock™ Technology

One of the main reasons why Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint is one of the best paint options for high-traffic rooms is their rich, non-fading colors. Whether you painted the walls in your home a hot pink or a gorgeous neutral shade, the last thing you want to see is the color of your walls fading after only a few years. After all, repainting the walls of a home filled with furniture, artwork, pets, or small children is nothing short of a pain. Fortunately, the Color Lock™ technology of Aura® Paint provides rich color that is made to last. This means that even if your walls see sticky fingers from children or get scuffed up during a furniture rearrangement, you can easily wash stains off without worry that you are also washing off your beautiful color.

Easy Touch-Ups

However, if you do feel that your walls could use a little touching up, you do not have to worry about hours of painting over the same spot to make sure the color is even. In fact, Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint is incredibly easy to apply and never requires more than two coats thanks to the paint. This means that the days of stressing over painting your walls is long gone: With beautiful colors that can stand the test of time and easy applications, it is easy to see why Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint is one of the best paint options for high-traffic rooms.


Painting your walls is no easy accomplishment. From moving furniture to airing out the paint fumes to perfectly placing tape along your home’s moldings and ceilings, painting a home is like the triathlon of interior design. Fortunately, with Benjamin Moore paints, you can paint whole walls or touch up small areas with ease and confidence. No matter how many people come in and out of certain rooms in your home, no amount of traffic is a match for the sturdy, luxurious Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint Collection! To learn more about why Aura® is one of the best paint options for high-traffic rooms, be sure to contact or visit us at Monarch Paint & Design Centers today!

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