Why Paint Color Matters for Homes

Why Paint Color Matters for Homes in Alexandria, Virginia (VA) for Affecting Room Mood with Reds

Deciding to paint your home is an exciting part of life to take full advantage of. You get to exercise your creativity and add your personality to your home. While you may be thinking of colors to use based on aesthetic appeal alone, there are multiple ways that paint color can affect a room. Beyond creating a color scheme for decorative purposes in your home, paint colors have a huge effect on the mood of a room and how the atmosphere feels overall. At Monarch Paint & Design Centers, we can show you why paint color matters for homes.

How Paint Color Affects a Room

It’s possible you may objectively like the colors in your home but that you are still looking to switch up the paint colors in your home anyway. This is likely due to the fact that colors on your wall are more than just decoration, each color evokes a specific emotion. Because of this, choosing the right color for your new paint job will result in the atmosphere you are hoping for in your home.


When a room is painted red, it promotes a higher heart rate and an overall increased energy. Red is also the most social color, which makes red a perfect color to choose for spaces such as dining rooms and common areas. Red paint on your walls looks best primarily at night time when it is accompanied by warm lighting. The specific shade of crimson is one shade of red to avoid however, since it has been shown to evoke feelings of irritability, and even rage.


Painting a room yellow is a great way to elevate the mood. Yellow is a cheerful color and automatically makes any room seem more joyful, which is perfect for bedrooms, dining areas, and kitchens.


Rooms that are painted blue have a very peaceful atmosphere to them, promoting feelings of calm and relaxation. You will need to be careful when painting a room blue though, since low light and a lack of warm colors can make a space feel more eerie than peaceful. Blue walls are best when there is plenty of natural light and warmer accents.


The color of nature is also a wonderfully relaxing color, but without the melancholy that comes with blue hues. Green paint colors are very flexible and can work in just about any room.


When a room is colored with purple walls or accent walls, it adds a feeling of sophistication and luxury. This color works great for common areas to add a degree of elegance. Lighter shades are also very relaxing, making them ideal for bedrooms.


This bright color promotes mental clarity and energy, helping to spark ideas and get yourself moving. Orange works perfectly in rooms where you might need a boost, such as a home office or workout area.


Whites, browns, grays, and blacks all help to create a calm, sleek, and clean look to any room. If a room seems to be cluttered with too much color, then adding neutrals can calm it down. White walls can create a trendy minimalist look and allow you to add dynamic character to a room with your furnishings.

At Monarch Paint & Design Centers, we want to partner with you to help you make your home the best it can be, which is why we offer paint color consultations so you can find the colors that are just right for your home. We have several locations in and around the Washington, D.C. and serve the Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, and Northwest D.C. areas, as well as Alexandria, Virginia, and Waldorf, Maryland. We hope to see you soon.