The Best Ceiling Paint for Homes

The Best Ceiling Paint for Homes Near Washington D.C. like Benjamin Moore Waterborne for Easy Application

Best for Easy Application

The ceiling is not exactly the easiest of places to paint. After all, it’s feet above your head! Luckily, the Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint is the best ceiling paint due to its ease of application. With a splatter-resistant formula, Waterborne Ceiling Paint effortlessly glides on to your ceiling when applied with a roller. This means no drips on to your floor, surrounding furniture, or most importantly, yourself! Simply dip, roll, and enjoy watching your ceiling transform into a new, clean masterpiece. 

Best for Hiding Imperfections

You may not look up at the ceiling as often as you look at your floors and furniture, but that does not mean it does not deserve some TLC like the rest of your home! In fact, as time goes by, your ceiling might experience a few imperfections like dirt, grime, and other unfortunate elements that make your ceiling look a little worse for wear. Luckily, the Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint is specifically engineered for ceilings to make them look as good as new. Available in a variety of colors, Waterborne Ceiling Paint boasts solid hiding capabilities and provides a gorgeous flat, uniform finish. This is just another reason why the Waterborne Ceiling Paint collection is the best ceiling paint you can choose!

Best for Ceiling Glare

Are you worried that with a fresh coat of paint, your ceiling might be blindingly bright when you turn on the lights? Let us put your worries to ease. The Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint collection works to tone down ceiling glare while also diffusing light evenly throughout the room. This will result in a nicely lit room each time the light is turned on while providing a flawless finish to your ceiling. Plus, with a variety of colors, you can transform your ceiling further by making it look like it has more depth with white paint or make it stand out with any bold color of your choosing for a unique look. No matter which color you choose, your ceiling will look the best it has ever been, which is why the Waterborne Ceiling Paint collection is the best ceiling paint to choose from.


Painting your ceiling may not seem like the easiest of tasks, but with Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling Paint, the process is easier than ever. With easy application, splatter resistance, glare reduction, light diffusion, and imperfection coverage, Waterborne Ceiling Paint will leave your ceilings looking flawless. To learn more about why Benjamin Moore offers the best ceiling paint or to purchase your very own can, be sure to contact or visit Monarch Paint & Design Centers today!

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