The Best Paint Option for Commercial Spaces

Opening a new office or giving your commercial space an upgrade is often an exciting process. It’s a chance to embrace new styles, modern looks, and contemporary designs that express your company’s personality. While this often involves new furniture, flooring, and artwork, there is also another piece to this design puzzle that needs attention: the walls. Leaving the plaster paint up on the wall is fine temporarily, but adding a custom coat of paint really ties an upgrade together. That is why Benjamin Moore offers a durable paint that also looks great on each wall. Read on to learn why Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Interior Paint is the best paint option for commercial spaces.

Crafted to Impress

One of the reasons why the Ultra Spec collection is the best paint option for commercial spaces is that it was designed specifically for professional painting contractors, property manages, and facility managers. In fact, the our zero-VOC Ultra Spec 500 paint offers a professional-quality coating for interior spaces that looks pristine for years to come. This paint option also comes in a wide variety of unlimited colors and sheens to give your walls the upgrade they deserve. This paint collection is also excellent at hiding blemishes on the wall and offers easy touch up and application. Plus, if you have a spill that transfers on to the walls, you can use a soap-and-water cleanup to get your walls looking like no. No fear of streaks of pigment loss needed.

Splatter Resistant

One of the tried and true ways to measure the quality of paint is its level of splatter resistance. More often than not, premium paints are not likely to splatter flecks of paint around when applied. So-so paints, on the other hand, are almost destined to splatter on your floors, upholstery, and clothing. This is another reason why the Ultra Spec collection is the best paint option for commercial spaces. Boasting splatter resistance and effortless application, this paint glides onto the walls smoothly for a gorgeous finish. No more bumpy flecks of paint causing eyesores in your office or commercial space. This paint also dries quickly and has zero odor, which means you can start using your space in no time.

MPI Approved

In addition to all of the wonderful benefits mentioned above, another reason why Ultra Spec is the best paint option for commercial spaces is its MPI approval. Short for Master Painters Institute, an MPI approval signifies that a certain paint meets the high standards of Detailed Performance, Evaluated Performance, and Intended Use. In short, these standards ensure that the paint you purchase is high-quality in more areas than one. No matter the type of commercial space, our Ultra Spec paint collection is here to impress.


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