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It’s fulfilling (and cost-effective) to tackle interior paint jobs yourself, but if you’ve never painted a room before, you may be unsure where to start. Our experienced paint experts at Monarch Paint & Design Center are here to help you choose the perfect Benjamin Moore products to get professional results.

ben® Interior Paint is ideal for DIYers and weekend warriors. It offers the same quality and high performance you expect from Benjamin Moore, with a user-friendly formula and attractive price point. Whether you choose matte, eggshell, semi-gloss, or satin/pearl, we have a list of benefits of choosing the ben® Interior Paint collection from Monarch Paint & Design Center, as well as a few hints and tips to make your next painting project a bit easier.

Benefits of Benjamin Moore ben® Interior Paint

Many people shy away from painting their own homes because a poor paint job takes time and effort but delivers zero gains. ben® Interior Paint makes it easy to get professional results even for first-time painters. Benjamin Moore ben® paints use patented Gennex® Color Technology to produce true, fade-resistant colors. The formula goes on smoothly and is easy to clean up using soap and water, and offers many other benefits:

  • House paint that levels well is essential to fabulous results, and ben® Interior Paint doesn’t disappoint. Leveling is a paint’s ability to smooth itself over the surface after application. Many paints require additional steps or leveling agents to achieve a smooth-as-butter finish, but Benjamin Moore ben® eliminates that extra work.
  • ben® also offers incredible hide, which means it takes less paint to get full coverage. Combining properly prepared surfaces with a high-hide formula saves you time, labor, and money.
  • Have you ever envisioned the perfect DIY paint project only to realize the color you want doesn’t exist? Benjamin Moore paint is available in thousands of colors, including ready-mix white, so you can find the perfect shade to complete your interior paint job.
  • The ben® line of interior house paint is also zero-VOC and low-odor, even if you add a tint. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are unsafe to breathe in, so you must wear a mask when using most house paint. It would be best to have adequate ventilation when using ben® Waterborne Interior Paint, but it’s a much healthier paint option.

Choosing a Sheen

Most first-time DIYers aren’t sure which sheen or finish is suitable for the job they’re doing. There is a range of sheens ranging from matte to high-gloss. Higher sheens offer a more durable finish but also display imperfections prominently. ben® interior paint is available in four finishes, and our paint specialists can help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Matte: Matte is the least shiny of the Benjamin Moore ben® line and has a smooth, luxe appearance after drying. This finish is best for rooms where the walls aren’t touched often, like adult bedrooms and dining rooms.
  • Eggshell: One of the most commonly chosen finishes, eggshell dries to a soft sheen, much like its namesake. It offers more durability than a matte finish without being overly shiny. Living rooms and dining rooms are excellent choices for an eggshell finish.
  • Satin/Pearl: This sheen highlights features like trim, built-ins, and interior doors. It dries to a rich, velvety finish with high durability. It’s effortless to care for but can be tricky to touch up in the future.
  • Semi-Gloss: When applied to a properly primed surface, semi-gloss paint dries to a lustrous, furniture-like finish. It’s incredibly durable and cleans easily, making it ideal for kitchen walls and cabinetry.

Painting Prep with ben® Interior Paint

It’s vital to apply paint to a smooth, clean surface. If you paint a dirty surface, the color will adhere to the dirt instead of the wall. Any imperfections, such as holes or dents, will need repairing before you paint, or they will show through the fresh coat. Fortunately, most minor issues are easy to fix with putty and sandpaper.

“Do I need to use a primer?” is one of the most common questions about house painting. ben® Interior Paint is a 2-in-1 paint and primer formula, but there are times when you will want to start the job with a coat of primer on its own:

  • When making a drastic color change, especially from dark to light
  • If you’re covering smoke or water stains
  • When switching to a lower sheen

Shop ben® at Monarch Paint & Design Center

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