When tackling a DIY paint job, the paint is one of the most vital components, but painting supplies are just as essential. Paint sundries include the various tools you need to complete your paint job, including brushes and rollers, dropcloths, and other items to help make your job quick and easy. Monarch Paint & Design Centers is committed to quality and offers paint sundries from the finest brands, including AllPro®, Corona Brushes, and The Wooster Brush Co. Let our friendly team help you select the right tools to achieve fabulous results.

Paint Brushes

Painting a room in your home can be intimidating, even for the seasoned painter. Having top-quality painting supplies will make a world of difference when it comes to the final results. When purchasing paint brushes, you’ll see a wealth of options, including different sizes and types of bristles. How do you choose? The right brush will highlight the paint and triumph over any environmental issues, such as temperature or humidity, more than a mediocre brush.

  • Natural vs. synthetic bristles - Using oil-based paint, you’ll get a smoother finish using a natural bristle brush. Paints you can clean up using soap and water will fare fine with synthetic paint brushes.
  • The size of the brush depends on what your job entails. For interior walls, you will primarily use a brush for cutting in. A premium 2 ½” brush from AllPro® is an ideal tool for most DIYers.
  • A tapered brush will consistently outperform a flat one. Look at the bristles from the side; if they come to a point, your brush will provide more even flow and control of the paint.
A man with a concentrated face uses a paint brush to paint a wall white.

Paint Rollers

Nothing compares to a fantastic roller when painting ceilings or large swaths of walls. Corona Brushes manufactures some of the highest quality paint rollers on the market, and our team can help you choose the best one for your DIY job.

A hand uses a paint roller to apply white paint to a textured wall
  • Knit or woven: which is better? That depends on what you’re trying to do. Knit rollers offer better pickup and release, aka faster application, than woven paint rollers. Woven rollers will deliver smooth, lint-free results, especially with higher-sheen finishes.
  • Selecting a pile height - The pile height, or nap, of your paint roller will need to be longer for rough surfaces and shorter for smooth ones. The shorter the pile, the more smooth and glass-like your results will be.

Additional Paint Sundries

Once you choose your brushes and rollers, you can move on to other necessary painting supplies. Dropcloths are vital to any paint job unless you want to remove dried paint from your floor. Trust us, that’s never an enjoyable experience. Canvas dropcloths are more durable and less likely to shift during painting. You can also keep canvas dropcloths for future painting.

Prepping a surface before painting will ensure fantastic finishes for even the most beginner-level painters. Sanding and cleanup of said sanding dust are essential, and Wooster Brush Co. and AllPro® carry several options for both of these tasks. Paint trays and liners are other vital components if your job requires paint rollers. Paint trays are your ally while painting and are easy to use. Dip a primed roller into the paint until about half of the roller is covered, then roll across the textured area of the tray to evenly distribute the paint. What’s a primed roller? Good question! To prime a roller, you wrap a damp rag around a clean roller and gently squeeze until your roller cover is just barely damp. Doing this will allow you to use less paint to saturate the material, resulting in less streaking from an over-saturated roller.

A bucket, roller, brushes, paint cans, drop cloths, and a ladder centered in a room

Our Paint Sundries Brands

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We stand behind every product we sell, choosing items from the most reputable brands. AllPro® has been one of the most trusted names in painting supplies for decades. Professional painters swear by AllPro® products, and we do, as well. Are you looking for premium hand-crafted paint brushes? Look no further than Corona Brushes. For nearly 100 years, Corona Brushes has been making their paint brushes by hand to ensure professional performance for every paint job. The Wooster Brush Co. has been an innovator in the paint sundries business since 1851. The paint industry is constantly changing, and Wooster Brush Co. seeks out the most premium materials for every sundry they sell. The brand will often make what they need if it’s unavailable.

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