The Best Stains for Homes

As the snow begins to melt and the days get longer, images of spring may soon come to our minds. Of course, this weather shift from snow to rainy spring days to sunny summer afternoons may cause a little anxiety. For example, the damage of the elements can wreak some serious havoc on our home’s siding, doors, decks, and windows. In fact, constant sunlight can break down the lignin that holds wood fibers together which can result in water seeping in and rotting boards and shingles. Fortunately, painting these surfaces with an exterior stain is an excellent option. Easy to apply, resistant to peeling, and capable of bringing out wood’s natural texture or grain, stains offer many wonderful perks that you can enjoy all year long. Read on to discover the best stains for homes, including options from Sikkens and Old Masters.


Perfect for decks, siding, windows, and doors, our Sikkens stains offer rich, vibrant finishes to the surface of your choice. Sikkens stains are also designed to provide unparalleled durability, styles, and performance on a variety of exterior wood. You can find the perfect stain or finish that brings out the natural beauty of your wood features while adding extra peace of mind. Sikkens also offers products that deliver a translucent finish that complements the appearance of your home with ease. These are just a few reasons why Sikkens offers one of the best strains on the market!

Additionally, when it comes to professional coating products, the Sikkens brand is known throughout the world for its superior quality. For more than 200 years, the mission of Sikkens has been to provide quality products that protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood. This means that you can select Sikkens with confidence. When it comes to our homes, confidence is always key!

Old Masters

Our brand of Old Masters stains is also a great option to consider when exploring the best stains for homes. Old Masters produces some of the finest stains and finishes available on the market, making them perfect for surfaces that demand durability and a stunning style.

In addition to solving problems like sun damage and water damage, Old Masters stains let you spread your creative wings as wide as you wish. With an array of gorgeous styles, Old Masters easily complements your home’s current aesthetic. With products that work harder and last longer, Old Masters stains are here to impress.


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